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Boolean Search with Tags



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I loved the internet, when (back in the day) all searches were less 'smart' and you could easily build specific searches if you understood this type of principle.

Since the internet had mainstreamed and searching has become 'smarter' to accommodate the masses that don't think in such terms, I find myself increasingly frustrated with search results returned which wouldn't be returned by a strict boolean search.

I've got ~ 11k notes in EN, so would definitely like this feature please 🙂

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Personally I think it is the search engine provider (I mean THE search engine provider) fiddling with his algorithms all the time that makes results suck ... 

  • ... plus the SEO efforts of the website owners to outthink THE search engine,
  • ... plus the adaption of results to your personal search history (anybody tracking me .... ? )
  • ... plus the sale of the top spots on the list in millisecond-auctions (all fully automated) to the company willing to reduce its own profits the most, and maximize the profits of THE search engine to the max.

To get reliable, unbiassed search results I switched to DuckDuckGo a while ago. Fast, reliable, non tracking, transparent in terms what is paid and what is searched. It is what search used to be.

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