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Which Multifunction scanner /printer

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Hi everybody, 

My HP multifunction has given up on me 😔

I'm looking for recommendations for a new multifunction printer /scanner that works well with EN. 

Ideally it should scan directly to EN without the need for a PC. 

I'd be grateful for any suggestions. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Personally I don’t like the combination of scanner and printer. Usually the scanner does a bad job, for a lack of proper software to support it.

If you need a scanner depends on your scanning demand. I do most of the day to day scanning with my iPhone. The occasional page directly into EN, larger sets of pages through a scanner app.

My office scanner, a Fujitsu ix500 is used for everything above 10 pages.

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I am looking for the same thing. My reality is that space is limited and I can't have two pieces of equipment. I read some reviews on Wirecutter, and was leaning toward the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw. Then I decided I need a color printer as well. So I am still looking. Would love to find someone who has configured a MFP to scan directly to Evernote. 

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The main issue with these multifunctional devices is a lack of proper software to support it. I don't know the HP solution of today, but back when I had a HP, I was not impressed.

The MFPs usually do a little bit of everything, but nothing of it really good.

Scanning into EN: IMHO it is not necessary to scan directly, and it often makes not much of a workflow. The new notes are named after the file imported. If the file name is cryptic, so will be the new notes title, and you then need to correct it.

To avoid this sort of rework I scan into the software of my scanner (an ix500), rename the file and send it to the EN import folder. The import folder grabs it, imports it, makes a new note and uses the properly named file to create a good note title.

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I think I agree actually. Back when I worked in an office I had access to our massive Xerox machine that would scan a huge volume of documents for me and email it as a one PDF. I think spent some time editing it on my computer into separate files. I tried that versus letting the printer scan each separate file one at a time - and concluded just what you did here. The workflow was better for me to edit the file with proper file names after the scanning. 

I am going to the HP LaserJet Pro M283fdw Wireless Color Laser All-In-One Printer today. Reviews on this gloss over the scanning for the most part, but I did see a scan to email option. I was lucky enough to get from Costco who will let me return it - which I considered amazing. 

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@superjac - how did your scanner / printer situation work out for you?  I did a shutdown on my HP OfficeJet 3830 and, well, I guess I should have said "Good Bye" as,  😢, now it will not power back on.  I loved this printer - $30 two years ago, printed great!  Free ink!  Scanned fair.  Alas, their Evernote integration never work - and I'm suspecting it has to do more with their HP Smart software than the printer.

Anyway, so now I'm in the market for a printer/scanner and, like above, I'd love to get back to scanning directly to Evernote without a PC.

Side Note - no, sadly, for $30, there was no "scan to email" function on the 3830 without using a PC.

Thanks in advance, @superjac and all.

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The multifunctional devices all have their strong and weak points. Sometimes stand alone devices are the better solution.

Since I am not printing a lot, and often not for a longer time, I decided against ink and got a color laser. It will never dry out, and it does not waste ink trying to keep itself operative. It depends on what you want to print: If you want to print photos, laser is not the first choice. For documents it delivers better and faster prints.

For bulk scanning I use a separate scanner. But quite often I do my scanning with my iPhone - the job on a few pages is done before the fixed scanner would be up to work. 

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@JeffreyC I ended up getting an HP color laser MFP M2883cdw. I spent a couple of hours when I installed the printer to optimize my scan options. I mostly scan from an HP application on my desktop. I can also send a scan directly from the printer via email to addresses I registered. So I think the path to a direct scan to Evernote is via your evernote email - at least with this printer. I started messing with that one night, and I need find an SMTP to route the email through to complete the set up. I didn't finish - I think I can use my ISP. 

One drawback on this particular printer is that is does double sided scanning only with one of the HP apps. No way to do that with scan to email. Something to consider.

Overall, however, we love the change we made. Scanning is happening more regularly. Our print outs looks great. This machine is relatively compact. One power cord. I would do it again. Feel free to let me know if you have questions, and I will see what I can do. 

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