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Which Fujitsu ScanSnap Model Best in 2021

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wondering which ScanSnap model would be the best to buy - most compatible with Evernote for Mac 11 (Big Sur).

the easiest to use AND can have multiple profiles to choose where to scan to. mostly within Evernote's notebooks but also not to evernote but just to a Finder folder or even Dropbox. 2 people will be sharing this. thanks.

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Hi.  I'm not a Mac user,  but AFAIK all ScanSnaps are compatible with most systems.  Find one that will scan to multiple locations and allows sharing (none of which are Evernote functions) and you should be covered...

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Most ScanSnaps will do. I use my ix500, which is a monster in speed and reliability.

The successor would be an ix1500 or ix1600. It serves for everything up to 50 pages in a run, several hundred pages a day.

Since autumn last year the ScanSnap Manager software is available for 64Bit Macs as well. You have a choice between the Manager and ScanSnap Home now.

What I like is the ability to scan to my iPhone instead of ramping up the Mac just for a scan.

You can set up your custom profiles to your liking.

Other posts speak about Brother Scanners as a good alternative.

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With the ix1400 you always need to have a computer up and running. The two other models can scan through the Fujitsu cloud server, stand alone. Depending on the use case, this may be relevant, or not.

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I had the 500, 1500, and now 1600. The 1600 is just a little bit faster than 1500, that's it. However, I am very happy with it overall.


As @PinkElephantmentioned, 1500 and 1600 can be used without a computer. This was critical for me. Sometimes I am on a business trip and my family just puts all the letters into the 1600, done.

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