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Hello, I'm having an Evernote Nightmare.  The primary, most important job of Evernote is to capture all of your notes from anywhere and sync them.  If Evernote fails to be seemless in this - then I'm going to have to bite the bullet and learn Notion.  I am using the following Legacy version of Evernote (309198) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954).  I have it loaded on several computers.  One of the computers is not syncing it's information to the server.  I have super fast internet, I've tried restarting the computer (several times) - nothing is working.  This is getting serious - I use Evernote for everything - so this has to work seamlessly.  Please help!

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It's October and I don't see a solution given above but I see two level 5 comments, one that a "duplicate post" was removed. Assuming the dup was actually the solution? 

Since you have multiple machines already synchronizing fine, I would assume some kind of database corruption on the local machine. Possibly disc errors. You could go through all the trouble of a surface scan and other such things - which you may want to do anyways - but as for evernote, I would check and see if there's any information on that machine in that version of evernote that isn't on the other machines. Data, if any, that the user has put in evernote since the last sync you would want to copy elsewhere temporarily. Then go to TOOLS>OPTIONS then the GENERAL tab and if you look towards the bottom you'll see the path for the current evernote folder. Click CHANGE and then change the name of the evernote storage folder from Evernote to whatever you want. Evernote2 for example. Then save. 

This has the effect of telling evernote that it has an empty folder and it will then download/sync everything from the servers just like a new installation. 

From there you can do what you want with the other folder. If you feel like there's data that wasn't copied to Evernote's servers, you can keep it there and have someone run some disk tools and data recovery software and try to recapture it to be put in your shiny new folder. Or you can simply delete it, leave everything as it is, or rename it something like Evernote3 so you can then remove the 2 from the new folder. The choice at that point is up to you but you'll have evernote working properly and then be able to copy any information you saved at the beginning to the new folder. 

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The duplicate post was the same text, dropped in another subforum. This solves nothing, just bloates the forum.

Since the thread owner did not come back to his own thread, we assume he could solve his problem, or lost interest in solving it.

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