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(Archived) Problem with files attached to the document


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I looked at the context of the note's body. It really has 2 document and 3 images. I see the same thing from window client. I believe that the total file size is too big for "free user" to upload all 5 doc into one single note.

I would recommend you to attach one doc per note and sync. This should fix the problem.

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It seems I figured out what had happened :lol:

I put several attachments to a note and wanted to somehow organize them. So that's what I did:

1. Put 2 (or more) attachments to a note

2. Highlight one of them (it's not so easy anyway and hard to make it but if you only use shift+arrows it's possible)

3. Copy the attachment from the note and paste it to a different place

4. You'll still get a link and be able to open and edit files but they will look in a different way...

Which is what probably happened to me - and it's a bug as it seems

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