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I need to stop evernote from auto updating to a newer version.

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I need to stop evernote from auto updating to a newer version. i need my notes to be black with colored text. dark mode is not good enough. i am constantly uninstalling the latest evernote version on my tablet, and reinstalling version 5.8 something minutes before a speaking engagement. i do not need the glowing white face from the white page of the tablet, and all my notes are color coded. i use html and black pages to accomplish this. but nothing above 5.8 will allow the black pages.

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Do what you want, but be aware you are sitting on a dead branch of the EN tree. One day it will fall off the tree, if you like it or not. I expect EN to sound a warning for the legacy clients of the last generation (like Android 8.3) before that happens. With even older clients I doubt there will be a lead time to jump ship.

IMHO you real life options are to adapt to v10, or migrate to another program that serves your way of doing things better.

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