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hoping for some help...

App dindn't start ... uninstalled - installed - logged in - no notes there... sync... logged in in web - no notes there. sync. logged out - logged in .. no notes there... didnt know what to do now?!

samsung s20fe  / sm-g780f/ds
android version 11
evernote version 10.14

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Hi, not a good user experience, with all the ins and outs.

Probably you made a small typo when entering your userID on the way. If you changed just one character of the userID by accident, it will create a new account instead of opening your existing one.

So relax, log out of any empty account, and quit the app. Open it again, and now make sure you log in with your correct userID and password.

Your notes (that are always saved on the EN cloud server) should be back now.

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