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Multiple duplications of several notes

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In general try to avoid to have the same note open on several devices. EN is not build to allow the same note being changed by several clients at the same time.

And then there still may be some nasty bug around, leading to duplication. No idea, doesn’t happen to me - which is not to say it can’t happen to others. If it does, and you are on a subscription, issue a support ticket with the activity log.

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Easiest way is on the mobile client (where your duplication happens, so that is as well the device where the activity log is important).

Open the client, go to settings, choose the support option. There you see the option to issue a ticket.

Click on it, write down your problem. You have 500 characters, but this is only the initial ticket. You will receive an email from support, from there on you can write more.

The activity log option is at the end of the ticket. It should be preselect.

Send the ticket. You first get an automatic mail to confirm EN received it. After a day or so (office hours US west coast) you receive a second mail from a support clerk.

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