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(Archived) Integrating Evernote with Scrivener



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Keith -- the developer of Scrivener -- has said he's adding AppleScript into Scrivener 2.1 or 2.2.... so at least that may be a workable option in the near future (Especially when you factor in recent AppleScript improvements on the Evernote side of things!).

I'll forward him a link to this thread... and Scrivener users who are interested in a deep Evernote integration should reach out to him as well. Let him know how you'd like it to work, how to integrate it into the UI, etc.... I think the Curio integration is a good reference point and actually would allow him to see how other apps use Evernote to house their research materials.

That said, he just launched 2.0 after working on it for years. My observation is that he likes to do things right -- even if it takes him a long time. If it happens, it almost assuredly will be a while before you see it.

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