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Which product/service closely resembles Evernote "premium" - Personal

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I have been using Evernote since 2008, in the past several years as a Premium account.
I like the product and service, not too thrilled with their rollout of the new membership levels.
I have no current plans to ditch Evernote, but wonder for people that do, which competitive service should be under consideration? - services that have very similar features and capabilities? 

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Hi.  There are several discussions in the forums about other apps and the merits or otherwise of moving to them.  As a general principle I'd say that none of the 80-odd other apps on the market made any direct attempt to copy Evernote.  They have mostly tried to improve on the basic model and add more text handling / links / customability etc.  Some have local hosting,  others not.  Some will import Evernote databases,  others not...  It's really necessary to try out the market (most apps have free trial options) to see which collection of features best fits your use case.  But none of them are Evernote,  and you will need to surmount a learning curve and almost certainly change some of your working practices to fit them into your workflow. 

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If you search the forum, you will find several threads about it.

Some threads were not updated for a while - so please check yourself if they show the real picture.

What is important for me is that there is no lock in. EN offers solid export options, many services try to onboard EN users, and have import routines. But often the very same services don’t have a good export of their own.

This is not featured on the nice websites advertising the service, but for me it is one of the most important issues when comparing services to keep my data.

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Closest for me, @Reuven, is Nimbus (although I didn't care for their responses to some technical questions I had for them so I have not jumped) and Amplenote.

I'm a Windows user, not Mac, but if you're Mac, there are more, closer, options (Bear, Devon, Craft).

I'm after OCR, tagging and unlimited storage (of any filetype). Currently Evernote still only offers all that. (Legacy; I can't use v10 either on Windows or Android, so I'm looking to leave.)

Upnote looks interesting. Notesnook looks promising, but (at the developer's own admission), they're not there yet.

What's important, as @PinkElephant says, is there are a lot more apps springing up since that megathread over on Reddit. So it really is a case of watch this space, although Evernote have the advantage of maturity (even if they don't know much about software deployment).

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2 hours ago, Reuven said:

which competitive service should be under consideration?

There's no exact Evernote match; you should identify which features are important for yourself    
I'm a long time user of the Mac Evernote Legacy product
For myself, important features are
- platforms supported; for me Mac and iPad
- Data is not locked in, I can export when required   
- Documents are stored in the format entered,  and not converted to a proprietary format   
- Organization features with tags supported
- Scripting integration; I use Applescript   

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Thanks for all your replies.
I should have been more specific as far as which features are important to me when looking for a comparable service.

I use Windows computers and Android devices.
The most important features needed are:

Unlimited device sync/use
Screenshot clipping
Web Clipping
Document scanning
Good search capabilities
Windows and Android apps
Offline access
Being able to email to my account helps but not a must.

I am a light user so high upload limits are not a big deal. Easy learning curve helps. Task and calendar are nice but no crucial. 

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