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(Archived) java error when viewing notes


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I share an Evernote account with my wife. Before the last update to Evernote everything worked fine. We could see the notes, edit, etc. However with the last update Evernote works fine on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) but on her's (same phone) it gives the following errors:

note loading error

note content could not be downloaded at this time.

check your network connection and try again later.

java.net.socketTimeoutException: Socket is not connected

I tried the following:

- log out / log back in

- log out / delete Evernote folder / log back in

- log / uninstall / reinstall / log back in

still no dice.

... should I email the error log to android-preview@evernote.com or paste it here?

or if anyone has suggestions on how to fix my issue?

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