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Can I display 'time', not just 'date' for updated and/or created ?

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21 minutes ago, higginstony said:

I list out my notes chronologically (see pic) and could really use date-time not just date for created.   Is it possible to do this, or would that be a new feature?

I don't think you can display the date and time in this view except that notes created or updated today will show the number of hours ago that they were changed. You can access the date and time for a particular note by bringing up the note information window (ctrl-shift-I). As far as I can see the notes are corectly ordered within a day.

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Hi.  AFAIK Evernote will show notes ordered in the correct date and time order if you sort by created or updated date - but often that isn't the 'actual' date of the document or action you're recording - and (again,  AFAIK) in v10 those system dates aren't yet editable.

I use a text expander to generate a date & time signature with a keypress - 20210806 1524 for example - which I use as a prefix for any other title to my notes.  Then sorting by title will also give me a chronological order - and the title is completely editable if I need to show a different date or time from now.  I use this with Evernoted Emails forinstance.

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