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Bug: Date picker missing later days when month spread over 6 weeks



When changing the created date of a note, sometimes the date picker is missing later days when month spread over 6 weeks.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select or create a note.
  2. Use the "..." menu from the top right and pick "Note Info...".
  3. Click into the Created date field.
  4. Step the month back to August 2020.
  5. Try and pick 30th August 2020.

In the attached screenshot you can see that days 30 and 31 are missing from the date picker for August 2020 because the month started on a Saturday and only 5 weeks are shown in the picker, but those days would be shown on the Sunday and Monday of the 6th week.

Workaround is to go to September 2020 and click the light grey day 30 shown at the beginning, it'll use the date and return the date picker to August 2020 but can not show the correct day as selected in the picker.

This is likely applicable to all v10 clients, I reproduced on Web and macOS versions.

Screenshot from 2021-08-05 09-55-02@2x.png

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Thanks @ianmjones. Great catch. I will file a ticket to address this. Seems to be an issue with the calendar within the Note info window. Calendars within newer functionality like setting due dates for tasks work fine. Seems a good opportunity to converge on one library for that UI component.

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