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Annoying popup about Google Calendar

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Why do I keep getting this annoying popup about connecting my Evernote to Google Calendar whenever I launch Evernote on my Mac?

I have an Evernote Plus subscription. There is no option to turn this popup off. There are two two options on this popup: to try it free for 14 days or 'Not now' which seems to mean that I'll get this nag screen again the next time I launch. When I've paid for software I don't expect to see such nag screens! You could just send an email about this new feature.


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@TazUKMy understanding is that this is a bug affecting a small number of users, has already been fixed, and will be addressed in an upcoming desktop release. Basically, it seems the "Not Now" button is not making the correct entry in the database to indicate to no longer show the ad. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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