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Ability to disable quick note in the task bar



Accessing my notes has been put one click further due to the recently added 'quick note' option. 

I never use quick notes and would like to be able to disable this feature.

Alternatively, the software could learn from users whether they use more 'quick note' or 'open Evernote' when they click on the icon in the task bar.

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EN v10 is short of settings - legacy had 3 options for the helper, you are correct that v10 has none, but could use some.

To avoid the helper the only solution I currently know is to use a menu bar helper app (like Bartender), and use it to remove the icon from view. If the EN helper is the only icon, it probably is not worth the investment, but usually you have more cluttering up the Macs menu bar.

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Hi PinkElephant!

Sorry for the late reply, I'm only seeing your answer now. Thank you for your response!

I must have not expressed myself correctly. I do not mind the icon in the task bar. 

My issue is that when I left click on the icon to open Evernote, I have the pop up "quick note" window coming up instead of EN main window. 

I basically never use the "quick note" option, because either I want to create a note (10% of use) and then I open the programme, or I want to read a note (90% of the time), and then I open the programme. So in short, the pop up "quick note" option is rather an obstacle to a smooth use of EN for me, which on a day to day basis is quite difficult. 

I am training to right click on the icon instead of left clicking, but it is not very natural with my use of Windows. 

I'm not sure if I'm clear?

Many thanks

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This is an issue others have commented on. There is no workaround. On Windows the nearest thing is to place a shortcut on the taskbar and launch Evernote from there. You can hide the tray icon. I'm sure Macs will have similar option.

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Sorry, I must not have expressed myself correctly. 

My issue is not the icon in the task bar, but the fact that when I click on it (left click), instead of opening the main Evernote window, it opens a "quick note" option that I never use.

In order to open Evernote window, I have to click a second time on the arrow at the top right of that popup window to access the main app. Another way to open the main window is to right click on the Evernote icon in the taskbar and click on "open Evernote". 

I find it cumbersome and heavy to use on a daily basis (and very annoying quite frankly).

I would suggest to the programmer to 1. either add an option to remove the quicknote popup, or 2. Enable a double-click (left click) on the Evernote icon to open directly the main window in one click

Does that make sense?

Evernote quicknote.png

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The QuickNote feature (EN Helper) is not meant to open the EN app. It is meant to prevent that action by offering a possibility to jot down a note without ramping up the app. With v10 the app already needs to run in the background to make the EN Helper show.

The QuickNote can be saved into the account in the background. Useful for a short reminder, pretty useful for screenshots.

I second the proposal to use a shortcut to open the main app. It can be placed in the task bar or on the desktop.

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