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Notes disappeared from web client!!

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EVERNOTE!!! Your job is to save my notes and now my super important meeting notes are GONE. Pleas help me retrieve them, they MUST be somewhere.

Here's what happened:

1. I was at a friend's place when I had an important Zoom call and took notes in the web client (Chrome browser, all working as normal).

2. The next day I worked from home all day - the notes from yesterday were there in my web client and I continued working on the note. All fine and as normal.

3. Then, the day after (today 5 Aug 2021), I open my laptop, Evernote has tried loading (I see all my notes from the past days in the screen, behind the "loading:" pop up), then logs out and when I log back in, the "latest version" of this note which is loaded is 2 DAYS OLD!!!! All the notes I made in the past days are gone, even though I could still see them when the program was loading. I worked in web in the past days so it should sync every minute so how on earth can all my work from the past two days be gone?!?!??!


2 DAYS OF WORK LOST!!! You have one job, to secure my notes... and now what - your system messed up and cost me lots of time and rework??? This is the OPPOSITE of productivity. Where can I retrieve the notes and how is this issue ever possible - it is the worst thing that can possibly happen with your app!


I cannot find the note anywhere in my Evernote. The note book with this name now shows notes from 2 days old. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Hi.  Sadly we're a mainly user2user forum,  not Evernote,  or Support.  If you still have the 'old' version of your note,  you may find that an older version has overwritten your recent changes.  If so,  Note History would allow you to view previous versions and recover that version.  You may also find that versions of the note are in 'conflicting changes' notebooks,  or in Trash if they have,  in fact,  been deleted.  Support may be able to help you more on all of that...  see below for links.


Use note history to view older versions of a note

What to do if content is missing from a note

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