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new behavior from evernote shopping list on android



Hi.  I've had an EN shopping list for a few years.  Lately, my practice with the list was to touch the checkboxes of all the items I need to pickup. Last week, I noticed a change with the list.  On some list items, when I touched a checkbox, an "x" would, as expected, appear in the checkbox.  However, on other items, a touch on the check box would produce a check, and the shopping item would be obscured with a strikeout.  How can I get the entire list setup on my Android device so that a touch on the checkbox produces an "x" and the item has no strikeout?

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You are in between the old checkbox feature and the new checklist design.

The v10 version of EN is set up to use the checklist (with checkmark and strikeout) as standard for all lists. Checkboxes are kept as an element, but only to be used as design elements in texts, not in lists. EN will autoconvert checkboxes that are build in lists into the new checklist design. This was discussed in many posts here in the forum, most of them when the v10 client was just released.

To avoid this conversion there was posted to place a space (or maybe 2 of them) behind the checkbox. There were diverging reports about that measure to avoid the auto conversion, or not. 

Personally I think it creates a lot of work, with no sure result to try to stop the conversion. My opinion is to better accept this behavior, than to try to work around it. One good aspect of the checklist is that you can reset a partly filled checklist easily to a pristine (empty) status, which AFAIK is not possible in v10 for checkboxes.

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