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Synced blocks / notebook areas = 1 piece of information distributed across notebooks



I read a lot and make a lot of summaries of it in Evernote.

In addition, I need to copy and paste the most important part of those summaries to an overall summary that is across books.

It would be great if EN would have something like what NOTION calls Synced Blocks. See here for more details: https://www.notion.so/Synced-blocks-a06081bfe98d4fb0b8ec0dd92e4cfcec

This is an amazing feature. It prevents from failure and different versions because every change on the main note means also automatic changes on the different areas of, for example, an overall summary note.

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1 hour ago, BeEfficient said:

1 piece of information distributed across notebooks

By design, Evernote defines a "piece of information" as a note **
There's no "blocks"

** With the new v10 tasks feature, Evernote has introduced a tasks entity   
     This is stored as a piece of information within the the note contents (a block?)

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Looking from a professional point of view. There is a main source of information. For example, to top part of note-100.

And I want to see this top part of note-100 at my "summary-note" in a defined part of it.

As so many other tools does it, as Notion shows what professionals need.

Just to clarify: I love EN and I pay for so many years now.

But this is a feature so many people in so many forums wish to see.

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21 minutes ago, BeEfficient said:

Looking from a professional point of view.

What kind of professional would that be?  And how many workflowy users would you say fall into that category?  Until the beginning of this year Evernote was built on 12-20 year-old code and simply could not even consider that sort of functionality. The company is currently building its apps back up to full usability on a new code base that might offer such options - in months or years.

Meantime Evernote does not (currently) have a way to mirror the content of one note outside that note - even a link to the title will not (AFAIK) change if the title is edited later.

If more users vote this thread up,  and/ or other interest groups give this same feedback to Evernote we'll see something similar in due course.

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I am talking for at least 50 friends and me all using EN: Studied at an Ivy League University (PhD), 10 years Goldman, 10 years McKinsey, leading position in big companies, multiple successful businesses. Highly structured daily routines, with meetings ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. No time for bla bla during 18 hours of working, to time for lunch, simply hardcore tight business. And at that very level... we need something we can build on, work with, something that guarantees an even more “productive” day.

Since "The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking" is in our blood... EN does not match perfect to that kind of “professionalism” I am talking about.

Again, I love EN and I am paying for many years now. It hurts seeing that Notion registers these simple but critical features while EN let us wait for a maybe even better world? 🙂 Let's see...

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There is a simple answer to your desire: Go use Notion. If it suits your needs better building pyramids, off you go. I am on GTD, and EN does a superb when you‘re in it.

IMHO it is dead wrong to say: Oh, if I take this from that app, and here is a nice feature from another, and this did impress me there, I will build SUPERapp everybody must love and use. This is especially true if it means rebuilding everything from scratch, because it means a complete change of the data structure and the code. This is why different approaches exist, and have their user base.

Or in shorter words: Everybody’s darling (app) is everybody’s fool.

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Again, I am not saying that I am against EN or what they do.

But we are talking about note taking and note overviews.

And those synced blocks are nothing than allowing me to see my existing notes in different ways and make sure that changing a note here will show me the same result there. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was just a feedback from "those professional" people loving EN but missing simple "note taking issues" on a daily base.


Maybe this forum will get 1k up votes for pushing the importance of a feature like that :-).

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Maybe, but I doubt this request will even make it into the Top 100. But I like to be surprised, we will see.

In fact if you look at EN and Notion, you see that EN is constructed to handle every note as a mini web page. There are elements on that „page“ but they are bound together by the HTML code of the note. This is similar to the „classic“ way to build a web site.

Notion by design is a database. It breaks everything down to little blocks of information. It then uses the app to build „views“ that collect a bunch of these blocks, and show them as a (web) page. This approach is closer to the modern Content Management Systems, like WordPress, that are build around a database as well.

It depends on what you want to do whether one approach serves you better, or the other.

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