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Cannot login to Evernote Web using Google

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I cannot login to Web using Google, and below is a screenshot after trying so.



Additional information:

  • I'm using Win10 and latest version of Chrome (tried Edge, failed too)
  • Account was created in 2017 with a company email, but I did not really use it after creating it.
    This email was changed to a gmail as my company decided to implement Gsuit in 2019.
    Yesterday, my boss asked me to use evernote by registering account with company email for info sharing purposes.
  • Because Google login kept failing, so I tried changing password, and managed to login successfully using "Email+Password" in Evernote Web for the first time (after 2017, beside the 1st time account was created) after hours of trying.
  • I enabled "Google 1 click login" in Setting in Evernote Web, but it did not work in Evernote Web. However, it worked in some other ways:
  1. I download Evernote app in my iPhone, and I can login with both "Email+Password" and "Google 1 click login".
  2. When I tried to access "Account status" in Evernote Web, it asked me to verify password and showing a "Google button", I clicked and it went through.
  • There's only two devices have ever logged into this account, Evernote Web and my iPhone.
  • Tried disable v10+ web client, did not help either.

Please help me, thank you.

Note: I'm not a computer power user. If there's any additional information required, please let me know how to gain those information, thank you. 

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I'm working at Home with my own computer, that is using Wi-Fi from my iPhone hotspot which is established based on 4G.

So I really didn't think this was an issue.

By the way, I downloaded the desktop version after posting, and it worked totally fine with google login.

Therefore, I do suspect this is not an issue caused by network or firewall.

Of course I do have a few ways to go around this issue, but clipping news from my Chrome is simply the only reason Evernote was chosen by my boss, and I don't always work with my own computer, but also on other computers (public, company, even friend's sometimes), so I really would like to use google login on the Web version to keep password memorized in my head as less as possible.

On the other hand, I sort of have a feeling I'm not alone, because the Error message in the screenshot actually says "Something is wrong, and I don't know what happened, please try again" when it is translated in English, and this sounds very odd to me.

I mean if you, Evernote, don't know what happened, how are you going to expect the users (mostly don't know computing like me) to know what happened and solve the issue by ourselves.

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4 hours ago, RLabfm said:

Same with me on a Macbook with M1 chip.

Surely testing something like Auth should be a given, unless of course Evernote is *****.


Evernote has been working fine for most people for 10 months since the last post here.  What tests / work-arounds have you tried?

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@RLabfm Tethering (connecting through a personal hotspot) has been a problem in the past.

Using the Google extension WOT web of trust has killed the login in the past. Probably other security software can do the same.

Firewalls or ad blockers, depending on their configuration and blacklist files can stop a connection.

We can’t know what is installed on your computer or on your network that may interfere. 

And honestly given your arrogance that something else must cause the problem does not spark my interest to dive deeper. Just be assured: The percentage where the main problem sits 60cm in front of the monitor is amazing …

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26 minutes ago, remento said:

Evernote could detect connection issues if they wanted to.

Hi - I've no doubt it is possible,  but it's a rare occurrence,  so why spend funds on development and add complexity to the various apps?  And thousands of users want other features developed / fixed / extended - where to fit this in priorities?

Medium term: it's easier and quicker for users to find their own solution.

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On 10/5/2022 at 11:38 PM, remento said:

The problem may due to network settings on the machine, but Evernote could detect connection issues if they wanted to. The following support article explains proxy connection issues which you might expect on a corporate PC ... interesting, but no resolution offered...


If you expect that there would be a magic wand to solve connection problems, welcome to the real world. 

First, if something on the network intentionally or by accident is blocking access to EN, you may simply be out of luck. Either the network admin is helping out, or you need to do the troubleshooting yourself, if it happens on your own network.

Second, it is not the job of an app to detect connection issues. Network analysis is complex, and it requires knowledge as much as special tools. Many measures are used to safeguard networks - and part of this job is to do it in a way that is not easy to analyze. Else malware would do the same to work around network blocks.

Third, all this is not necessarily only happening on mega corporate IT networks. With all the internet security suites, AdBlockers and DNS rerouting that happens today on simple home networks, you can lock yourself out at home as easily as the corporate IT will do at your office desk.


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I actually had a situation a day or two ago where I could not connect to Evernote by any means on one computer, while the other had no problem, running on the same home WiFi network. Even pinging evernote.com failed. A reboot of the computer with the problem fixed it. I am happy that it got fixed that easily, without my having to figure out what went wrong.

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