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Merging two different accounts

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Hi, I found a reply on merging accounts but it seems with the new update, those instructions are not valid anymore. Could someone explain how to merge two accounts into one please? I would like to upgrade and the account with the email I prefer is not the account I frequently use.



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Beside this, you can change the email address in your account settings as well.

If you are already using the one you would like to use on your main account for the other one, first change that one to yet another (in case you don't have another one, get a free mail address from one of the services that offer them, and set it up. You need it to be working.). When the address you want to transfer is no longer used for another EN account, you can switch it over.

Never use the same email address for 2 accounts at the same time.

After that you can follow the merge instructions.

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12 minutes ago, witchdct said:

Sorry, I don't know what that means, desktop client WIn/Mac. Is that a program?

What devices/platform are you using?   
The export feature is supported on Windows and Mac platforms

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7 minutes ago, witchdct said:

I tried different browser

The export function is not supported by the web software   
Use the Windows or Mac desktop software

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ahh, I understand what your saying now. 

I actually just got done switching out the emails like Pink Elephant suggested and that worked perfectly for my needs.

Thank you all so much for helping me. I appreciate it.


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