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My account may have been accessed elsewhere and I'm worried

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Hey all, hope everyone is staying safe. 

What prompted me to reach out to community was that I received a notification that someone had accessed my Evernote account their iPhone in Brazil. 

I immediately changed my Evernote password and Revoked all devices - would a copy be stored on the intruder's phone? 


And why is it that I can't create a ticket or email Evernote support? 

Any help on how to protect all bases would be much appreciated! 

I've also looked into my notes and it looks like I don't have anything sensitive that I think the intruders could use. 


Thank you!

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Thanks gazumped!

I didn't click anything in the email (just in case it was going to redirect me to anything else or phishing)

It does look like that page is linked, I can confirm it via the access history within the Security Settings > Access History :(

So bummed on this right now 


Does it actually download a local copy of the Evernote's contents onto an iPhone? 


Thanks again

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1 hour ago, poida said:

Does it actually download a local copy of the Evernote's contents onto an iPhone? 

No.  Most likely someone using credentials posted online was checking to see which ones worked and which didn't.  If you follow the advice in that link your data should be safe.

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... and even if it did show as an iPhone, it most likely was no phone, but a remote computer running a script on a huge file from the darknet, trying the credentials. It is not rocket science to mimic another device, and to digitally change the location.

Because this is usually not an attack on a single type of account (like EN), you should improve all of your accounts safety: Change passwords, use good ones, use a unique one for every service, put them into a password manager. Enable 2FA wherever possible. Start with your email accounts, then everything with money (banking, shopping) and personal information, including social media.

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