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ALL of my data and notes are gone!

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I signed up for Evernote about a month ago and created many note. I was in the process of reviewing the app before paying for the full version. All was going well and I was enjoying using the app.

Today, ALL of my data and notes are gone. The app is treating me as if I've never used the app before. I'm experiencing this on both on the Mac app and my iPhone app. To make matters worse there is no support for none paid members. I'm hesitant to pay money for a service that isn't stable.

There is critical information in the notes that I lost. I recommend that you DO NOT use Evernote.

If anyone has had this same experience and can tell me how to recover my data please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

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22 hours ago, Mike232323 said:

I'm hesitant to pay money for a service that isn't stable.

...Although one of the benefits is access to an email / chat support service...

Hi.  The usual reason for 'losing' notes is the accidental creation of a new account.  Try logging out of Evernote completely on all devices,  then log back in carefully,  ensuring that you are using your original user ID details.  If there's any doubt,  start with the 'forgot password' option on the website.

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