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v10 Sync not on par with v10



I unfortunately just spend 30 minutes crafting a long post with ample screenshots showing the issue graphically. I accidentally quit Chrome before submitting. I have no more energy or time to put in reporting this issues. Here is a quicker summary. The end result is (with screenshots to prove it):

  • To get 4 notes from mobile to sync, I had to quit Legacy and reopen it (over 30 minutes after the notes were created on mobile)
  • The 4 notes synced to Legacy just fine. And, baffling to me as a user who doesn't understand the tech behind the user interface – 3 of the 4 notes were not in Web, yet all of them were in Legacy. Does that mean there are 2 sync engines? How did Legacy get the notes (exactly as I expect Evernote to work, by the way), but the web client didn't? And how did it only get 1 of 4? 

I have all this in screenshot form and I'm on the iOS 10.14, and Mac desktop 10.17.8

I can't echo enough the requests here in the forum for a manual sync button. As a user, I want the Legacy sync experience to be my v10 experience. I also want to know...is this the new norm? Or is it realistic to expect progress in this? Will the v10 experience ever be as quick as Legacy? How can we as users ensure our data is syncing? The current delays (when I'm on over 200MB of bandwidth) hinder, not help, my work.

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Hi there, I don't have that sort of syncing trouble, but I have some syncing trouble, only occasionally.

Upsync from the client where the edit took place is usually stable and fast for me. I have my problem with down sync to the "passive" clients, those that were not involved in the change. Here the lag can be in between "none" and several minutes, going up to maybe an hour.

Given that I am not sure a sync button would solve the problem. The mobile clients have a sync option, and you still describe a syncing problem with mobiles. Independently from that, I would like to get a manual sync on desktop as well, and be it just to be sure everything is safe and stored before I grab my Mac to go elsewhere.

About the data base: I think there are (at least) 2 data bases, one for legacy (and maybe the API), the other for v10. When updating v10, I had on several occasions an info box telling the database is undergoing optimization. Nothing like that on legacy. Whether legacy just uses a subset of the v10 database, or has a separate one I am not sure. My gut feeling is there are 2 databases, because it is the only way to really optimize and tune v10 performance.

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Here's the recreation of the original post I lost with screenshots so that the Evernote team can see the timestamps:

Mobile v10.14 iOS
Desktop v10.18.3 Mac
On high-speed wifi bandwidth (approx. 200 MB on both laptop and mobile)

Around 3:16 pm on Sunday, I started the process of creating 4 notes from the web to Evernote on my iPhone (3 using the share sheet, 1 not). All appeared in the app on my phone and appeared synced (no blue corner).

Around 3:45, I still couldn't find them in v10..they hadn't synced. So I started troubleshooting.

Logged in Legacy and the 4 notes are there (@ 3:49):


Logged into the Web and 1 of the 4 notes is there (????) @ 3:55 pm


At 4:01 pm, none of the 4 notes are in v10 (even though 1 is in web?):


As reported above, when I finally decided to quit v10 and reopen it, the notes were then there.

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