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Colour-coded tags for Tasks

Miguel M


Hi All, I have been testing new Tasks in Evernote and I am a bit disappointed, as I feel it is a mere copy of programs like Todoist, but more limited. Plus, I feel like it does not make use of Evernote's key strength, which is to relate to real life notebooks but using digital advantages. I think that it could be more like colour-coded small tags. So I have decided to make a couple of drafts of how it could be like, hoping (maybe too optimistically), that the Evernote team will like it and implement this. 

Sorry for the shabby job putting together the images, and the brief description below. Unfortunately I don't have much time, with a kid, but I really wanted to share my thoughts. 

Main reasoning: 

  • Currently, Task in Evernote does not offer much more than running Todoist alongside, and it falls short on other aspects. 
  • Evernote's key strength is to implement physical notebooks but with the advantages of digital. 
  • Most people mark tasks in a notebooks using colour-coded tags. 
  • Conclusion, Evernote should implement a digital version of colour tags, as this would be superior than the current Tasks feature. 

Some possible details for implementation: 

  • When tasks panel is expanded, colours tags would show on the right hand side. This is similar to how tasks show up on a physical notebook, but can be minimised if you don't want to see them. 
  • Tasks (selected from the main panel) would expand into full view, showing tasks descriptions, details, subtasks, etc. 

Hope you like it. 


Evernote tasks draft-01.png

Evernote tasks draft-02.png

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Why not - would be a nice feature, especially for the visually oriented users.

About notebooks: The main way in EN to organize notes are not notebooks, it is tags.

Using a lot of notebooks lead to a linear, vertical way of setting up information. Tags allow multiple categories in which to sort information. Much more flexible, better than a load of notebooks.

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