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Request: Want the "Switch To" search to work like it does in Legacy

Stacey Harmon


The resulting search from the Switch To command in v10 is WAY less useful than it is in Legacy. I can't count on it to find what I'm looking for. I think part of it is that it doesn't appear to prioritize notebook names like it does in Legacy. And, even when I have an exact match on the title of a note, it doesn't always find it. 2 specific examples/results presented below.

Example 1: Switch to search for "Whole30" (my goal...I want to switch to/navigate to the notebook I created with that title)

v10 Result (not notebook option...can't even search for a notebook...only notes...yet it clearly knows that I have a Whole30 notebook as many of those notes live it in)


Legacy Results: Perfect


Example 2: Want to Switch to a note that has an exact title match

v10 Result: I have to perform a search to navigate to it (the note does result in the list even though it isn't at the top of the list as I would expect it to be with an exact match)


Legacy Result: Perfect


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