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Ability to Tag Specific Content Within a Note

James Johnston


I believe the ability to tag certain sections within complex notes would be very beneficial to many users.

An example of this in practice would be to break down meeting notes. For example:

Some notes from the meeting could be tagged with the appropriate reference tags. Some parts are actionable, and tags could be used for this (as well as the task feature, but tags allow for more specific organisation)

When filtering a search for those particular tags, it would be nice if the note in the search result would only display the specific content the user highlighted and tagged earlier.

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2 minutes ago, James Johnston said:

ability to tag certain sections

Tagging certain sections is not possible with the current database structure    
Evernote would have to develop a new database entity

In the meantime, we can implement keywords into our contents like kw-Sample

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Things 3 just introduced a note taking feature to its app. It comes with a cloud storage strategy called Fractus - which basically breaks down every entity (task, note) into tiny segments. Changes are applied and synced to the segment only.

The new note editor allows markdown as well. Apple ecosystem only, sorry guys.

The world is turning …

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