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Adding Tasks to Web Clipper



Surprised that this feature has not already been suggested, and wouldn't be to know that someone is already working on it.  There here are drop downs for Notebook and Tags when clipping the web - it would be great to add a task as well.

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@Mike P exactly!

This slight enhancement will make Evernote so much powerful.

I use it as a my second brain only due to the fact that it allows for both capturing tasks and filing information.

It's a powerful combination that not so many apps support.

I tried Notion for a while but Evernote's mature capturing capabilities are so intuitive and simple.

Yet on the task side of things capturing a task without a due date kind of  misses the whole point.

I hope Evernote product teams are scanning these discussions 😊

@gazumped I am using Evernote web clipper on Chrome, MacOS Ventura, Evernote Version:


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Good suggestion - might already be in the pipeline,  but Clipper is separate from Evernote and the various browsers need to review add-ins before they get authorised,  so don't get too excited...

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I'm really missing the ability to add due dates directly from the web clipper.

My current user flow is very annoying.

Add a task via web clipper when clipping, wait for the clipping action to end, open the note, add a due date.

Waste of precious time.

This could be easily fixed by adding a due date field to the web clipper task UI.

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@gazumped I think the issue is that you can create a task by typing into the task field but you can't add a due date at this stage. So in EN itself you then need to add the due date to the task in the new note. 

Tasks has not improved as much as I would have liked since launch (personal opinion). Perhaps if it had, it would be able to parse dates added to the task field (similar to Todoist)

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