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New Evernote Plans & Marketing Strategy

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Nice job guys! Been on Evernote Premium for ~ 10 years; last few years as a beta user, providing testing feedback as requested. Over the last few months I tested Evernote Tasks features and provided feedback. Yesterday when I logged into Evernote Web to update my own 'Tasks' it politely said that I could use Tasks for 29 days, but then I would have to Upgrade my account. I'm a Marketing grad, so please tell me what kind of new strategy you're using where you ask for help, then kick those who helped out to the curb?!! 

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Some Premium subscribers do not auto update - there is a sort of rebated plans that can’t go to Personal without upping their payments as well. They have the option to stick with their current plan, like the Plus subscribers.

Don’t know what is the case here - I would ask support if it is not clear from the account info.

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I'm also a bit confused. The message from Evernote was that Premium subscribers would be migrated to the Personal Plan level without a change of price, but I can't use the google calendar integration or rearrange widgets so I guess I am stuck with Premium plan features for now. If they ask me to pay more to "upgrade" it is a bit of a kick in the teeth since I have been a Premium subscriber since 2009. Customer retention, anybody?

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28 minutes ago, nreyes said:

I can't use the google calendar integration or rearrange widgets

How long is it since you restarted your device?  Sometimes,  switching it all off and then back on again does some good...  :)

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