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Windows sync problems. Any tricks?

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Yes, I know this has been discussed in many posts - but not found a solution.

I have tried leaving the computer logged into Evernote overnight - not one new note was synced.

I've reinstalled the software.

I've rebooted.

Any further suggestions please?


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With sync problems it is important to know where the happen.

There is the upsync - from the active device to the server. You can see this happened by looking it up on the web client. When the changes are reflected there, the upsync has happened.

Then there is the downsync - from the server to all other devices.

My experience it that the problem with v10 is usually the downsync. I have no real idea what is going on - it is as you describe it, the changes will simply not appear. In my case on the Mac it has happened for several minutes, maybe short of an hour, but only occasionally.

A workaround try could be logging out, and in again. Maybe switch the „Keep data when leaving …“ option off inEN settings before doing so. Maybe quit (not only close by the X ) the app after you logged out.

We all would like to get the good old sync button back !

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Hello, I'm having an Evernote Nightmare.  The primary, most important job of Evernote is to capture all of your notes from anywhere and sync them.  If Evernote fails to be seemless in this - then I'm going to have to bite the bullet and learn Notion.  I am using the following Legacy version of Evernote (309198) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954).  I have it loaded on several computers.  One of the computers is not syncing it's information to the server.  I have super fast internet, I've tried restarting the computer (several times) - nothing is working.  This is getting serious - I use Evernote for everything - so this has to work seamlessly.  Please help!

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