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pdf annotation disaster with new Evernote version

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this upgrade is once again a disaster for me. I have thousands of pdfs that i annotate on my surface pro. I use my pen to annotate the pdf. Thank god legacy exists because i can keep my workflow going. Under legacy I open the pdf with my pen then it moves to drawboard i annotate in drawboard and all changes appear in Evernote. I love it its fantastic. With the upgrades you cant annotate with a pen only can use a mouse. If legacy version did not exist i would be gone from Evernote.  Been on Evernote for over 10 years. I tried to communicate my feelings with the ceo on linked in he never replied to me. Looks like they don't care about pdf annotation. Has anyone tried other ways or programs to annotate pdf.   I fear they will get rid of legacy and i will have to find another program. I guess one note may be my only alternative. 

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As stated in one of your other posts (don‘t double post, not by copy&paste, and not by filling every subforum with the same stuff even if you type it anew) by another user, you may have an individual problem. Annotation works for me, no problem, as it does for many others.

See the post from @agsteele in the other thread with possible solutions.

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