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Multiple windows for notes where I can toggle back and forth disappeared after I just updated to 10.18 for Windows

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Since updating to 10.18 I can't have multiple window open at once. This is essential for me and the way I use Evernote. Is this just a bug? Or was the feature taken away completely? I do see a "open in new window" button, however, that doesn't seem to work. 

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Hi.  If you're a subscriber I'd suggest raising this with Support.  If they can't help,  or confirm that it's not (yet) a supported feature,  come back and post in a Feature Request forum to get some votes behind you to get it brought back...

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Open in a new window works on my Mac. If it doesn’t work on your desktop client, there must be an individual problem.

First try to fix it would be to log out, quit the client, restart it and log back in.

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