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I have two laptops, have had them both for several years, and have had Evernote Windows Desktop App loaded on both for years. Regularly update versions, and this issue has gone on since day 1. Both are Windows 10. Both laptops have Explorer Context Menu options for "Send to Evernote". However, the functionality is different and it is driving me bonkers. On one laptop, when executing the menu option, the file will move to Evernote. On the other laptop, the file only copies to Evernote. i.e. On one, the file deletes from the current explorer location, on the other it stays there. I would really like both to use the move option as it saves me time, steps, and memory to go back and delete the file after it has been sucked into Evernote. Help Please!

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Hi.  Checking with my 'send to' option,  I seem to have the 'copy' rather than the 'move' version.  I don't see any way to option one over the other.  If it bothers you,  you could investigate Import Folders,  and just drag files into that folder.  They're out of your way,  and if any remain there you can just clear them out from time to time.

The only other option would appear to be - uninstalll / reboot / reinstall Evernote on both machine and hope that the reinstall resets the process...

Create import folders

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You'll probably find that it entirely depends upon the location of the source and destination directories. One one machibe source and destination are likely to be the same drive. One the other machine source and destination are on separate drives. Separate drives will copy whereas having source and destination on the same drive will move.

As @gazumped suggests, Import Folders are likely to be the best way forward.

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Same destination and source directories on both systems. Only one drive on each (C:, non-partitioned) laptop, source can be Documents folder to Attachments folder on both which are just adjacent directories in the Users folder structure. So good idea, but doesn't appear to be the case. 

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@Dave Hall, III Sorry to have failed ;) Despite my suggestion I still suspect that this is an OS level issue so it's where I'd try to find a solution.  But give import folders a try.  You could easily create an Import Folder for your default notebook and then create a sendto shortcut to send the note to that import folder.

One thing that isn't often mentioned re Import Folders is the fact that the imported content isn't deleted from the folder after it has been processed (which is/was the case in the legacy). I created a simple batch file which clears notes in my import folder when I login to my PC.  If you have more than one folder for different folders then you copy the three lines of code and replace the path in the set folder line for each import folder. Of course replace your_windows_user_name with the one on your PC

set folder="C:\Users\your_windows_user_name\Desktop\EN Import"
cd /d %folder%
for /F "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b') do (rmdir "%%i" /s/q || del "%%i" /s/q)

This approach also solves the problem with a sendto shortcut where Evernote 10 strips the file suffix on import via a normal sendto shortcut pointing to the executable file.

However, I confess that this approach would make everything a copy-to-Evernote rather than a move.  Dragging onto the Import Folder make the move-to function

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