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Account hacked can they see my scannable documents?

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Hi.  How were you notified that your account was compromised?  If it was by email from Evernote,  then there is a danger someone could have viewed your evernote database content;  but there's no way to verify what - if anything - was viewed.  This person presumably had your ID,  so your and their activities are indistinguishable from each other.  Most likely though it was a test run to make sure that any stolen credentials actually worked.  Just make sure you change passwords and follow the other advice you were probably sent.  I don't know whether access to your Evernote account includes Scannable,  but I'd think not.


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The Scannable app has access to your account, but AFAIK only for a few operations needed for the scanning to work.

A direct access is more critical. @gazumped told you what is to know about it.

A word of caution: If you used a bad password for EN, you likely do so with other services as well.

Get yourself a password manager, sit down on a quiet afternoon and change ALL of your logins to unique, strong passwords. Start with your email accounts, because they are used to reset the other services as well. Then work your way down. A good password manager will even tell where your current password may have been compromised, and where 2FA is available, among other useful security tips.

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