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Home Dashboard Full Customization vs. Custom

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I am trying to decide between the professional and the personal version of Evernote, and one of the differences listed is:
Home Dashboard Full Customization (Professional) vs.
Custom (Personal). 

I can't seem to find any documentation on exactly what that means. For example, custom allows me to change the view while full customization allows me to programmatically change something? 
Anyone have an idea? 

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I am on Personal, so just from how it looks:

Professional allows some more flexibility, more than one pinned note, more than one QuickNote. The widget are the same, they can be installed more than once.

I have not found additional functionality, except you can change layout aspects like the background color of the QuickNotes widgets in Professional.

In the calendar widget, up to 5 calendars will display in Professional, but this is by the plan, not by the widget.

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It is live and let live.

If they would just bundle the non seller features and call it Professional, they would not do their job down in EN Marketing.

In each level there must be things to be desired. I am simply asking myself: Do I NEED it, not do I want it. If it saves me some minutes every month over and again, it is worth the 2 bucks. If today I have no use case to which I would apply it, it is nice to have, but no necessity. If this changes tomorrow, I can always upgrade.

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I'm a 12 year paid user that was hoping for some sort of dashboard functionality.  Now that it is here, I'm disappointed to find the "half" functionality it provides.  Others might disagree, but I think the only useful dashboard feature is the filtered note.  If you can only do one, then the whole thing really isn't that useful.   I would now hope for the ability to just toggle-off the dashboard completely since the current "personal user" functionality really just turns it into a big advertisement for the next level that I have to look at every time I log in.

Does anyone happen to know if that can be done?

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44 minutes ago, ThomH said:

for that it is the professional user ... I try to stick with Personal and change the filtered widget on the fly. lets see how long I'm happy with that. I'll give it a few weeks to be tested 

I just wonder whether there is a big difference between a single filterered widget changed on the fly, and good old saved searches?

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