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Evernote Free logged me out and won't let me log back in

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Last night I got on my IOS Evernote app I've been using for years. It logged me out saying i was logged into more than 2 devices. I had only been logged into my phone app and Chrome browser. 


I unsynced a 3rd unrecognizable device. Evernote logged me out and then I haven't been able to log into even the browser without it kicking me back out of my Evernote.

I redownloaded the app and tried on the browser multiple times to open my account back up. 


It keeps kicking me out saying that I have already unsynced 2 devices.


I use Evernote for business notes





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There is not only a device limit of 2, there is as well a restriction how often you can switch devices during a month. You can’t then add another one.

As most limits, it will reset itself after 1 month. The alternative is to subscribe.

Meanwhile use whatever client is still working for you. Sorry for that, from user to user.

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Very simple: You need to unsync more.

The web client counts as a device.

To add a new device you must be down to 1, not to 2. 2 is the maximum allowed.

If you had an unrecognized device, make sure your account is safe. Change the password, set 2FA if possible.

And in general it is not a good idea to use a free account for any professional or elsewise critical use. You see where this has taken you (here). 

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every time i log into evernote, it logs me out within 5-10 seconds saying that I've already unsynced the maximum amount of times.


I don't even have time to click my account info to even think about changing the password or unsync more devices. 

I would only like to keep my Iphone app and web browser synced to Evernote.


What should I do to get logged in for any length of time to adjust my account?

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I have the same message, Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device, on the 2 devices which I use. Supposedly I am supposed to be able to use the Free plan on 2 devices, this is what I do. But I get the message on both so in practice, I cannot use Evernote today.

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Now it looks like the account page is counted as a device to, throwing evernote web out of the list logs me out of evernote.

When I log back in to the account page The count is up and evernote becomes unusable again on all devices.

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You can go to the account page through any working client as well.

Desktop: Account button (top left), click on it, Account Information.

Mobile: Settings, account, devices or in settings down the list „Additional settings“.

But sure, because of device limit and resync limit, it is possible to lock yourself out when trying long enough.

Then you can wait 30 days, or subscribe ( can be done for a month).

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