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Task Reminder Notification

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Hi there,

I am a personal member of Evernote for many years now and have to say that it feels good to see Evernote moving in the right direction.

The issue I am encountering is a very basic one. I'd like to be able to receive notifications on my phone (android) or computer (windows) from reminders of my tasks & notes. 

   - Android: My notifications are enabled but nothing is showing up.

   - Windows: Got no idea of how to proceed whatsoever.


Thanks in advance for your answers



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For Windows is a known issue by EN Support ,  they told me are trying to fix it 

I don't use Android (I used  iPad & iPhone) ,  reminders work fine but not badges notifications

I'm not sure if applicable ot Android :  in iOs and iPados ( Apple) , when you want to have  a reminder to a task ,  I have to choose the separatly reminder option  , not remind the task ( see screenshot) 








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@gazumped @Claudiofpiga 

Thanks for answering but I believe you did not get me. I know how to create tasks and reminder to it that is not the issue.

I would like to add a notification showing on my phone's lock screen without opening the Evernote app. Same applies for windows I'd like to have a notification popping on my desktop.


(N.b these notifications being at the date and time I've defined on the reminders)

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I don't use Tasks myself but I don't believe either feature will give you an on-time reminder directly - there is (I think) an email option which might allow you to trigger an automation app like Zapier into providing an on-screen update.  Others here are using the feature,  so maybe they'll have more useful suggestions.

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Same issue here since months. 

All permissions for notifications and battery saving activated but reminders not working on my mobile. Support doesn't know how to fix it. 

Sometimes works, sometimes not

Be patient because it may take long...

For me, notifications are very important in order to be a reliable software. If I can't trust in reminders, evernote is useless

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Yes they do, which quite frankly is already good. 

Still Evernote needs to work on the basic task/reminder notification it is a basic and essential feature to be reliable and useful.

Attend to it quick please. I'll post an up.

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What good are reminders, if you don't get a notification.  I have the same problem on both Android and Windows 10; I set up reminders for tasks and never receive any sort of a notification.  Am I expected to be staring at the task list all day; do they pop up there?

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Hi Billbert,

I am afraid that at this stage you need to log in everyday to get a list of your reminders and kind pay attention on the timeline (which is not helpful at all I agree). 

Please upvote this feature here and reply, we need this basic feature !  here

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