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Is there any way to keep my Evernote Web logged in and not having to log in each time I want to use it?

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8 hours ago, IgnacioVela said:

I'm using Evernote Web and each time I open my browser, I have to Login. Is there any way to keep my account always logged for my dispositive? 


Do you tick "remember me for 30 days" on the logon screen?

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18 hours ago, Mike P said:

Do you tick "remember me for 30 days" on the logon screen?

In addition to what Mike P said -- if your browser is set to clear cache/cookies upon exit (not uncommon, I always do that for security purposes) then it won't matter if the "remember me" box is ticked or now.

If the box is ticked and you aren't clearing cookies, you should remain logged-in for the 30-days. 

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If you want to get this granular, you can usually control that the browser shall keep the cookies from this special website, even when it is set to erase all cookies when it is closed.

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