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Scan both sides of name card feature gone!

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I have been using Evernote iOS version to scan name card that I received, this feature is really good. 


I usually scanned one side of name card to start, then after information is extracted and save, I will click the note and access the name card again, then tap the name card picture so that I can scan the other side of the card. 


But this feature is gone in verion 10.13.2, can I have this feature back?????

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You can scan the second side of the card.

Scan the main side, save it as a business card, let it create the new note and extract information.

Then go to the place in the new note where you want the rear side to appear. Tap on the blue + , select camera, and scan the card.

The picture will be inserted, saving the rear alongside with the main card face. EN will not extract anything from the rear, but it will be OCRed and made searchable

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