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Export Notebook as PDF unreliable

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I just did my first full notebook export to PDF. 303 Notes. It went through the export window counting up each note, but when it finished and said Export completed, the PDF was only 4 pages long. 

A notebook of 150 notes worked as expected. Another one with 300 notes exported only 45.

I don't know if it is using the same process, but I recall exports from Notion exhibited the same behavior. 

At any rate, it's unreliable at this point. 


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Well, this just got interesting. Got a reply from my ticket asking some good questions. Just got a response from a different tech, telling me you could only select and export 50 notes at a time and how was I selecting more than 50. My ticket specifically said Export Notebook as PDF. 

Maybe they haven't read the marketing material.

If they tell me that you can only export a notebook with less than 50 notes, I'll be asking for a refund and downgrade my account. 

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They have expanded support massively, if I look at the new names showing up.

No excuses meant, we are entitled to a solid support service, but let's take a step back. These are humans like us, doing a job that should help us. Many are shorter with EN than we are - much shorter. I doubt they found that many with a solid EN background and willing to start a career with support.

Usually when I explain what must not have been explained, I get a positive reaction. I had only one ticket where I used less assuring words after 3 attempts to explain what was clearly stated in the original ticket already. I think the poor fellow took it to a supervisor, and it got sorted out.

So I hope you get what needs to be done to fix things.

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Oh, I was nice to the guy, just came here to vent. Or as I tell my wife, that was me being nice.


And TBH, it's not a pressing need, but would give me a decent backup option and eliminate one more round trip to legacy.

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We all can give them grace, try to help, whatever.  But end of the day it is their job to provide a quality product and support.  In my experience EN has mostly been on the low side of okay re quality and support across my ten plus years.  Never has been a priority from the results I have seen.  Nothing implied about the quality of the people, just the end results.  Their business to run.

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

Just got my last ticket bumped to tech support today, where it for sure is better placed than with 1st level support.

And it worked by only being nice 😊 

Me too. Apparently, it's a known issue.

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Can anyone tell me if this has been fixed? I downgraded my membership to personal as this was the only "professional" function I needed and it didn't work. 

They had upgraded the export function so that you could see from the preview that you weren't getting all the notes in the pdf, so that was helpful. 

If I selected a notebook with 100 notes and select HTML, I will get 100 web pages plus whatever folders needed. If I selected pdf, I would get some random number of pages much less than 100. 

As mentioned above, this was put in a trouble ticket last year, was determined to be a known issue, but never heard back from anyone.


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I just finally updated to v. 10 and upgraded to Professional. This was a lesser reason for going with Pro, but it was one of them. I hadn't thought about limits. But the answer seems to be yes, it now exports entire notebooks. My largest notebook has 130 notes (not huge, I admit), and it exported them all. There are a lot of notes with images in them. I set it to start each note on a new page. It took several minutes to do the job, but as I was selecting options (note separation, page numbers, etc.) it updated a preview which could be scrolled through beginning to end. Given the images and settings, it exported to 304 pages! Links in notes are functional in the PDF--this includes links to other Evernote notes, if they are Web rather than app links. Attached PDF documents within notes do not seem to print out in full, only show as an attachment, so that's a disadvantage, but maybe not unexpected. Also, in the options dialog there is a section for Other Options that leads you to a survey of preferences for future features. All in all, I would consider it very nicely done.

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