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Random order of notebooks when moving a note

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When I move a note from one notebook to another, the list of notebooks seems totally random now. 

The list used to be alpha-numeric, so I could name a notebook 01 - Personal and it would show at the top, just before 02 - Author Work, then all the notebooks that begin with A, B, C, etc.

With 10.x the list seems random. It's not in order of recently used, either. some of the notebooks at the top haven't been touched in years.

BTW, all my stacks show up at the top of the list, but they are in random order, too.

If there's a setting, I'd love to know, but I think it's a bug.

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I can confirm this. I would expect it to be sorted alphanumeric plus maybe having some recent used notebooks as suggestion on top, no magic. Did feedback on this via the app feedback. Maybe other users could add their vote via the app feedback, too.

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