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Deleted Appointments - Google Calendar

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I am finding the Google Calendar widget to be very useful in Evernote web. However deleted appointments on GCal do not seem to disappear from the widget view on the Evernote home page. Anybody else experiencing this? 

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Yep I've spotted this, too. Will raise a ticket regarding it and let the team know. I have had a meeting cancelled and then rescheduled for today so it's now showing two meetings in the calendar widget.



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I am experiencing the same thing but a little bit differently. Had a recurring appointment on GCal that ran for one week. Once the week was over and the recurring appointment was completed (a week ago) it still continues to live on in Evernote calendar. When you click the "open this appointment in GCal" it goes to Gcal, finds no appointment, and errors out. Is there a cache that needs to be cleared somewhere?

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I raised a ticket for this a week or so ago. Weirdly, I was seeing deleted repeating events in the colours of other adjacent calendars in the widget, not the one they were deleted from!

Got an email yesterday saying this "is known by engineering and they've prioritized it for resolution in our coming releases."

I found clearing caches, etc, did nothing for me.  As a workaround, I created a couple of new calendars, moved upcoming events into them and turned off the original.


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