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Is there a way to get rid of: 1) "More notes" indicator, 2) zoom controls when viewing the note?

Imagine the scenario: I just want to view my text note, so I open the list view, click the title and... what I see: the black "More notes" popup that distracts me from contents. Okay, after some seconds the popup disappears. Now I want to scroll the note. So I pan it and... in addition to prior popup that reappears now I get another - the "-/+" zoom button group. But in most cases I need neither of those - what can I do to turn them off? Maybe there's some setting I've overlooked?

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1. for "more note", when you click on the note body, it will disappear. click it again and re-appear. Also, it will disappear in 3 seconds automatically.

2. "zoom control" is a feature from the Android phone. It will appear whenever the note contains an image. I will log an enhnacement to provide a way to turn it off.

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1. Can you, please, log the enhancement to turn off this feature as well? Most of the time I just want to view the note's text.

2. I might be misunderstanding you, but those controls also appear when the note is text-only. You just need to pan it.

Thanks for quick response!

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