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Keyboard Latency in the new version is way too slow

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Keyboard Latency in the new version is way too slow. 

I'm on a OSX 10.15.7 (Catalina) and have your latest version. 
You can really see this by getting one of your guys that uses something like vi or emacs to type in both evernote or a terminal version of one of those editors and you'll see a huge difference. 
My typing errors are way up in your software simply because the brain is having trouble processing this lag time. 
How can we fix this?
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The terminal editor probably process the typed text directly, vs. EN that has one app layer, another framework layer and tries to keep everything synced with the server.

No easy fix, I suppose.

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These layers are painful and I will say that EN has much more layers than even bulky Chrome. 

I've seen this issue a little bit with gmail but the EN update is the worst I've seen. 

It's bad for the brain. 

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The framework they use is basically a Chrom(ium) backend, a browser without own Windows. Using it has its pros and cons - resources and speed if definitely on the negative side of the balance.

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Thanks. And Chrome is known to be a huge resource hog. 

I will say that I think things have gotten faster in the newer versions. 


But them messing up the ability to use control-a as it used to work (move cursor to the beginning of the line) has super pissed me off. 


Come on Evernote, stay consistent. 

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Thanks PinkElephant. 

1. The last time I checked Evernote's advice was to post to these threads for support. I was under the impression that they didn't have a proper support line setup like most other software companies.

2. Multiple posts because I think it's such an asinine problem and I really wanted to make sure they didn't take away that functionality. That kind of action would be a deal breaker for me with the way I use the keyboard. 

There seem to be a few things lax with the way Evernote releases things and approach to the user experience. I hope they improve, there are a lot of good aspects to the product. 

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The forum is user2user. If EN staff shows up on an issue, it is a rare occasion.

There are 2 official ways to bring something to the attention of EN: Issue a support ticket (here you get an answer), or use the feedback function build into the new clients (they promise to read it all, but no answer).

I have never heard of any case where posting int he forum would have stopped a function to be modified to removed. However, EN at the moment is more on the road to add features, not to remove them. 

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