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Disable "Download Update?" Pop-up

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I hate that Evernote does this. It sends a pop up whenever it wants to download a new version, grabbing my screen and taking me away from what I'm doing. It has done this during a presentation I was giving because I did not turn off Evernote before I presented. This UX is terrible. Evernote, you are not my priority, do NOT disrupt what I'm doing with a pop up. If I cannot find out how to disable these popups, I will uninstall for good.

See someone else's complaint below that did not receive a helpful answer.


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17 minutes ago, FrustratedUser123 said:

See someone else's complaint below that did not receive a helpful answer.

  1. Hi.  Please don't start new topics to complain about older ones. I merged these two threads since they overlap.
  2. My 'unhelpful' answer was a request for more information to provide some actual help.  Shame the OP didn't respond.
  3. The short answer to your question is probably "No" since Evernote are pushing updates every couple of weeks at the moment while they introduce  a new product,  new features, and fix bugs that users are reporting along the way.  If you're working on long notes,  the only work-around I can think of is to suggest you create notes in a word-processor,  and attach the finished file to an Evernote note so you have access to it wherever you access Evernote.

-We hope that Evernote will re-introduce options and more choices as time goes on,  but it takes time...

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I really like Evernote except for this feature. I cannot have popups during my public presentations. Do you realize how unprofessional that is, to have my private notes propelled to the front of my screen in front of colleagues or clients? My workaround would be to close out of Evernote before every meeting I have. So I now cannot take notes during zoom meetings, severely limiting the usefulness of Evernote for my use case, or if I do, I need to close Evernote before sharing my screen. Do you not recognize the absurdity of this user experience? I consider myself forced into using a different product, not because I want to, but because Evernote literally provides no realistic workaround around spontaneously interrupting the user. I'm a user experience researcher by trade. If one of my company's products did this, I would want to know about it and fix it. But Evernote won't even let me lodge this feedback with them because I'm not a paying customer. Congrats Evernote. Me and the guy who gorillaman replied to months ago are leaving your product over a stupid feature and the inability to raise this issue with someone in the company who actually has the power to fix it.

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The decision set is easily described here:

  • Subscribe and it stops. It is the equivalent of a cup of to-go per month, hardly an amount we need to discuss in a professional setting.
  • Don‘t subscribe, and you pay in another currency: Your attention, and probably that of your customers and colleagues.

Using a free service for any professional means is maybe economical, it is IMHO by no means professional. 

Don‘t expect any pity for your situation from me (just another user) - it is self inflicted by your own decision to keep your pocket closed, but continue to use the service. To me it looks you must take a decision, instead of strolling on, and whining about where you are.

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Your post has no relevance to my own, as subscribing to Evernote would not make a "Download Update?" popup go away.

Maybe if I had no customer contact and I could spend years posting 8,000 comments on Evernote.com I would not mind having pop-ups steal my screen. Other users like myself actually have customer contact where this bug is a deal breaker for product adoption. Thanks for your help, PinkElephant, you valiant defender of product inconvenience. 

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