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New Plans: Discrepancy in plans and renewal dates between Desktop version and Android app on tablet

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I recently upgraded my legacy Premium Evernote plan to the new Personal plan. On my WinPro10 PC I am using Evernote v10 and there it shows the upgraded plan and the new renewal date.

However, my Asus Zenpad P027 tablet, which is running Android v7, can only run the v.8.13.3 of the Evernote app, and in my settings there it shows the old Premium plan and the old renewal date.

Steps I've taken so far:

  • Signed out of Evernote on my tablet and then signed back in, with no change in plan or renewal date.
  • Signed out of Evernote on my tablet, deleted both the app's cache and data, restarted my tablet, reinstalled the Evernote app (v8.13.3 from Google Play) and signed back in, with no change in plan or renewal date.

Do I need to be concerned about this discrepancy? And, if so, what additional steps should I take?

Thanks in advance.




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In the forum we can share experience, workarounds and the like among users.

Support is for the official stuff. When you pay for a service, and you don’t get it, it is a case for support. Support is as well for bug reports, or for technical issues. You can go through the forum to see if somebody can help, but you can go to support directly as well. Support is the only (official) way to drop bug reports.

Welcome to the forum, if nobody mentioned it yet.

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