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(Archived) Feature request: proper text select and copy function


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Currently, when I want to copy note content, I need to open the note for editing, longpress the note content, and then I can only select "Copy all text". If the note contains rich text I even have to convert it to flat text first. This is an unworkable situation, and not worthy of Evernote.

What I would like to be able to do, is to select the exact text I need, directly from a note without having to open it for editing, and then choose to either copy or share the selected text. And if it is absolutely unavoidable to convert rich to flat, I would like an option to make a temporary flat text copy for the purpose of selecting and copying, which is discarded after that, so the original note is untouched.

As an example: On my HTC Desire running Froyo, if I longpress text in either the default browser or the default mail app, a portion of the text is selected, and two draggable handles are presented that enable me to easily modify the text selection. I can then choose to copy, search for or share the selected text by pressing the floating buttons that are also presented.

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