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Stereo audio recording



The suggestion is really simple. 

The audio is improved with the update, but the quality would skyrocket if the recording were in stereo instead of mono.

I think everyone that works with voice notes and want good quality, right now is using another app, and then moving and creating a note for the audio, which is a hassle. 

As a musician and audio engineer, i know the quality is enough to capture snippets, and stereo audio would allow everybody to do this right inside Evernote, which would be great.

Thank you.

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Voted this up, as I am doing the exact same (record in another app for stereo). Audio quality in EN10 has increased, would be nice if stereo was supported (on capable devices).

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For pure note taking I really see no deeper sense in stereo sound. But maybe useful for other related tasks, so why not.

There should be a switch to enable stereo and maybe higher quality. Both leads to much larger files, which can create a problem when on a mobile network. I think the default should be „OFF“.

It is no joy to be on the road, only to find out that your data budget has been eaten by crispy surround sound grabbing, where a plain mono take would have been sufficient.

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