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Problems with syncing Evernote <---> IFTTT <---> DayOne

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I am on paid plan of these three services.

Discovered that I have a lot of journal notes, those I would like to move to DayOne. I haven't find a smart way to export the notes from Evernote to DayOne.
Instead I have tried to use IFTTT. I can't make the Applets to work. https://ifttt.com/applets/db6hKtwG
"When you tag an Evernote note with a specific tag, a new Day One journal entry will
be created."
Sounds easy enough. I have tagged the notes, created the journal i DayOne. But nothing happens.
I have other applets working from IFTTT to DayOne.
Thats why I am wondering about Evernote.

Is there a problem right now between IFTTT and Evernote?

"Does it work for everybody else?"

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I have tried to get this IFTTT recipe to work a few times since I started using Day One - never managed it.

I run into the same issue. Everything is wired up and connected properly, but something prevents the data passing across. This has happened under Day One v3+ (they're now on v6.6) and on Evernote legacy too.

If you do manage to get it working, please let me know what you did!

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