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Reminder Date & Time GUI in iOS


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I can’t remember since when the EN iOS removed the Date & Time Calendar GUI from both iPhone and iPad, and it bothers me quite a bit as I can just choose the Date, instead of the Day, I have to always switch to my Calendar App to check which Day it will be…

Please consider bringing back the feature again to enhance the convenience of use, it’s better to show the entire Calendar for choosing the Date, just like the EN Desktop version.

Thanks!! A2F0A1A3-427E-4D06-9237-E4A9DC27539D.thumb.jpeg.541cdfef14dcbcd5acd28f5a05f38503.jpeg0B7BCBA2-7E17-4EFA-8202-F3CB6DA9B70A.thumb.jpeg.546ccbbaac144db26e594e37d19fa19f.jpeg

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