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Calendar app - Office 365/Outlook



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I voted up!

I use Google Cal for personal and we use Office 365 for work so it would be more usable for me if other options become available.

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That nice Mr Small did say (I think) that they would be expanding the options available,  but -as ever- the company don't (usually) confirm what's in the pipeline or when they're likely to release until a feature is actually available.

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Definitely agree on the O365 integration for work! Trying to figure out a workaround since I enabled a share link that imports into my Gmail calendar... but Google only refreshes it once a day at best. Ugh.

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In the past there was a message in the coming soon section of the "release notes". Now I can see anithing about it 😞

I think will be very useful, also for the "flow". At home google calendar is very common, at work I always use Office365

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